Support Abandoned
Animals in Ukraine

Since the Ukraine-Russia war began, animals in Ukraine are being displaced as their owners flee the conflict zone. Deprived of food, shelter, and medication, the animals have no possibility to flee or seek care.

We are partnering with the Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation (AWAMO) to gather support for all unaccounted and abandoned animals in Ukraine conflict zone. Join us in raising awareness and funds for the four-legged companions!

Videos from our Allies

This campaign would not be possible without the support of our wonderful allies from across the globe. You can join the conversation too by creating your own video and posting on your social media feed using #HelpUkraineAnimals or simply share these videos with your network.

Join the conversation Australia and support our furry friends from Ukraine!

What is the situation of animals in Ukraine?

Since the start of the full-scale invasion, about 158,000 animals in Ukraine have become hostages and need help. Organisations estimate a total monthly requirement of 1,600 tons in food and more in medicine. Many pets, service animals, and zoo animals are starving and dying.

Even during these trying times, Ukrainian volunteers and activists are coming together to help the animals. One such organization is Ukrainian Pet Association Worldwide (UPAW) who aims to carry their work across the whole world after the victory of Ukraine. Many Australian organisations have also started providing support in the form of food, medicine, and volunteers.

How can I support the abandoned Ukraine animals


Donate to AWAMO's Ukraine Animal Project. All funds raised go directly to helping abandoned and suffering animals in Ukraine.



Military Shop, in partnership with UPAW and AWAMO, has designed two unique lapel pins displaying the Ukraine flag colours with a dog and cat silhouette to symbolise the plight of all the displaced animals. All profits from the sale of the pins will be sent directly to UPAW to fund animal welfare in the Ukraine.



The Purple Poppy honours all animals – great and small – who have served alongside our military, search and rescue, and law enforcement. Choose from this beautiful collection to show your support. Every sale of the Purple Poppy Products supports AWAMO, who will be using the funds in 2023 to help animals in the Ukraine.



Spread the word with #HelpUkraineAnimal

It has been almost one-year since Russia invaded Ukraine. We are miles away and tend to forget the impact Ukrainians face every day. Help us bring the conversation to the forefront of everyone's mind and gather support. It is as simple as clicking on the 'Share' button above.